The actress celebrates knowing "an extraordinary variety of people" in her star-studded new memoir

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“I’ve been unbelievably lucky to meet an extraordinary variety of people and also to travel between many spectrums – that s always been fascinating to me,” says Anjelica Huston, who has just published her second volume of memoir, Watch Me, the follow-up to last year’s chronicle of her Irish childhood, A Story Lately Told.

Her latest picks up when Huston is a newcomer to Hollywood; within pages she meets Jack Nicholson, with whom she had a 17-year on-and-off love affair.

“Jack’s easy to love,” Huston, 63, tells PEOPLE. “I was pretty determined that he should be mine for a considerable amount of time.”

After a difficult final break up in 1990, the two have remained friends.

“Jack’s style is if you want to contact him, he’s there,” she says. “For me, the whole objective is to understand and forgive. There’s not one with whom I have truly bad blood.”

It isn’t surprising that Nicholson figures heavily into Watch Me. But many other famous names make appearances.

Huston describes arriving at Nicholson’s house alone, one afternoon in 1977, to find their friend, director Roman Polanski, and a teenaged girl.

“He introduced me to her and said that they had been taking pictures. … She was wearing platform heels and appeared to be quite tall. Roman collected his jacket and cameras and they left together. I thought no more of it,” she writes.

The following night Polanski was arrested at the house – and Huston along with him, for having a gram of cocaine in her purse. Polanski eventually pleaded guilty to sex with a minor, fleeing to France to avoid imprisonment.

Cher, says Huston, was a friend whom she saw “quite a lot” during the Nicholson years. In the book, she admits that she thought the singer-actress would have been a logical first choice for Morticia Addams, the role that Huston played in two hit Addams Family films, basing the character, in part, on another friend: model Jerry Hall.

Huston got to know Michael Jackson while appearing in his film Captian EO. “Every other day a big movie star would come to visit Michael on the set and write her name in lipstick on his dressing room mirror Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor,” she writes.

Huston also devotes many pages to Robert Graham, the celebrated sculptor – he made the athletic torsos that graced the Los Angeles Coliseum at the 1984 Olympics – whom she married in 1992. “He was a really unusual person who attracted my attention. I don’t want to say all actors are a nightmare, but maybe I was happy he wasn’t an actor. Less competitive,” she says of Graham, who died in 2008. “I miss him terribly.”

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