Yara Shahidi has teamed up with eBay for Charity and PINTRILL to design a pin for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Char Adams
October 12, 2017 01:48 PM
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

The fight to end breast cancer is a personal one for Yara Shahidi.

“I have watched my aunt fight breast cancer twice so it’s something that’s really personal to me and my family,” Shahidi, 17, tells PEOPLE of her mother’s best friend, whom she views as family. “But I was able to watch my aunt get her PhD … that was really inspiring to see.”

Now, the Black-ish actress has teamed up with eBay For Charity and accessory brand PINTRILL to redesign the traditional pin for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The pin is on sale now, with proceeds going to Bright Pink, a non-profit organization that encourages women to take preventative measures against breast cancer.

The pin features a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon that stretches to spell the word “thrive.”

eBay for Charity

“The pin ended up being a take on the traditional breast cancer awareness sign,” she tells PEOPLE.

“I chose the word ‘thrive’ because we want to, of course, within this fight against breast cancer, not only give every young person the tools to fight and survive but to then take it to the next level. Thriving, still allowing one to live their full life.”

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Shahidi says her partnership with eBay For Charity was “really natural,” noting that her family has long been philanthropic.

“[We choose] an organization every year to donate to,” she tells PEOPLE. “This company has been intentional in making sure that philanthropic work goes straight to the organization that could benefit from it.”

She adds: “For the proceeds to go to Bright Pink  — [it’s] a fantastic organization.”