Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty on Feb. 11, when she arrived at the hospital
Save Eman Cause
March 09, 2017 01:54 PM

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, who weighs 1,102 lbs., underwent a successful laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery on Tuesday.

Led by Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, a team of surgeons at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai performed “an uneventful surgery” on El Aty, 36.

“She is now on oral fluids and accepting them well,” the Save Eman Cause announced in a press release shared with PEOPLE. “The future course of action for the medical team working on her will be to correct all her associated medical problems, to get her fit enough to fly back to Egypt as soon as possible.”

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty on March 8, one day after surgery
Save Eman Cause

El Aty was airlifted from her home in Egypt to India on Feb. 11, to lose weight under the care of Dr. Lakdawala, who took on her case pro-bono in December.

Dr. Lakdawala heard about El Aty after her sister reached out for help on social media. El Aty had been largely confined to her bedroom and unable to move for the last two decades due to her weight and a stroke she suffered two years ago.

“Eman didn’t live life as everyone does,” Shaimaa Ahmed, Eman’s younger sister, previously told CNN. “She didn’t enjoy her childhood or youth. She’s been battling with her illness for 36 years.”

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Dr. Lakdawala said in December that he expects El Aty to need two or three months in the hospital before she could return home to Egypt, and about three years to get her body weight under 220 lbs.

“Bringing a semblance of normalcy to Eman’s life may take a few years,” he said again in February. “The entire panel of doctors treating Eman is committed to giving her the best care and helping her to get back on her feet and recover from her current ailments.”

“My priority is to save Eman and give her quality of life. If I can ensure with whatever means — by bariatric surgery or otherwise to enable her to sit up and do things on her own in this first stage; for me that shall be victory.”

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