June 19, 2015 08:30 AM

It’s been almost two months since YouTube star Cassandra Bankson revealed that she has two vaginas, but the fascination with her condition has yet to die down.

“I think that because it’s just in this one area, and it’s an interesting area, people are naturally curious,” she tells PEOPLE. “To me, this is just a medical anomaly.”

While her friends, family and fans of her YouTube skincare and beauty tutorials have rallied to support her, Bankson, 22, has also received an outpouring of comments from people who have the same condition or are just intrigued by it.

Bankson is tackling her most commonly asked questions in her new YouTube video. “I’m kind of an open book!” she says.

A positive aspect of sharing her story has been finding other people who also have the same unique trait.

“A lot of people have been pouring out their life stories and about how their diagnosis happened,” says Bankson, who blogs about her struggle with acne for MIMI. “I was shocked because I was originally told that one in a 100,000 people had this – if even – and all of a sudden I’m getting all these emails, so I’m like, ‘There must be more who aren’t talking about it, or aren’t comfortable talking about it.’ ”

“There have been so many questions,” she says. ” ‘Can you have kids? Do you have two periods? What are the logistics of it? Will you be more susceptible to cancer?’ All of these are questions that I had myself when I first got the diagnosis.”

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While her condition may cause issues with conception down the line, Bankson says it does not interfere with her day-to-day existence – for the most part.

“Other than what I’ve known all my life as having bad menses, it’s been pretty normal for me,” she says. “If I ever decide to have children and if things go that direction, it could be more of an issue, but after talking with an ob-gyn, she said there are corrective surgeries.”

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Bankson also receives attention from people who just want to make random or lascivious comments. “There has been an influx of people from elsewhere on the Web that are commenting on totally non-related videos, and they’re not being rude but they’re just like, ‘Is it true?’,” says the model. “It’s like, ‘This is a makeup tutorial!’ There of course have been some things that are a little bit distasteful from people who are not subscribers, but I’m just happy to have my core group of people who support [me].”

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