Carmen Farias says she was never properly instructed on how to use the bike

By Julie Mazziotta
June 07, 2016 05:45 PM
Yue Wu/The Washington Post/Getty

A California woman is suing SoulCycle for negligence after she was allegedly shamed by the instructor for slowing down during her first class, which led her to fall off the bike and become “catastrophically injured” when she dislocated her ankle.

Carmen Farias was taking a class at the Beverly Hills SoulCycle with her coworkers in July 2014, with instructor Angela Davis, a favorite of celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Demi Lovato to Kelly Rowland.

In the court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Farias says that 20 minutes into the class, she felt her legs begin to weaken, and tried to stop pedaling but the bike wheel continued to spin. She then alleges that Davis began ridiculing Farias for slowing down, and “barked” at her and the rest of the class, “we don’t take breaks.”

Claiming that she was “embarrassed” for getting “called out” in front of her bosses and coworkers, Carmen then tried to pick up the speed.

“The shame caused Carmen to momentarily attempt to pedal faster,” the document states. “Her legs were shaking. Carmen had to stop the pedals from turning, but she did not know how to stop the pedals.”

Farias says that neither SoulCycle nor Davis informed her or the rest of the class about to properly use the bike, and how to stop the wheel from spinning or remove her shoes from the clips.

“Carmen was in serious peril. Fatigue and disorientation overcame Carmen and she fell to her right and off of the saddle of the spinning cycle.”

Unable to stop the bike, Farias allegedly felt “agony” as she repeatedly dislocated her left ankle as the pedals continued to spin.

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As her attorney alleges in the lawsuit, “by the time the pedals did stop, Carmen had been catastrophically injured.”

Farias also says that she never actually signed a waiver for the class – she had left her copy on her office desk, and the employees at SoulCycle allegedly never checked or asked her for it when she arrived.

A representative from SoulCycle tells PEOPLE that they “don’t comment on ongoing litigation.”