Katherine Gaydos says her left eye was glued shut for more than a week after a friend mistook super glue for eye drops

By Char Adams
October 09, 2015 12:30 PM

A Florida woman found herself in a sticky situation after a mixup caused her left eye to be glued shut.

“Something blew into my eye and I screamed for someone else to get eye drops out of my purse, and they brought super glue and poured it in my eye,” Katherine Gaydos told WPBF. “Soon as I felt it burn I closed my eye and screamed ‘Call 911.’ ”

Gaydos told the station that a friend was using a leaf blower to clear away leaves last week when a piece of debris landed in her eye. She says her friend mistook a Super Glue bottle for Visine.

Katherine Gaydos

A doctor was able to pry Gaydos’s eye open Thursay after applying an anesthetic, WPBF reports. Friday, the doctor will scrape the glue from her cornea.

“He said I should get my sight back, and not have permanent damage,” she said.

Gaydos, a single mother of two, went more than a week with her eye glued shut, telling WPBF that with no insurance and no money, doctors initially refused to treat her.

Gaydos said that after her story made local headlines, her doctor contacted her and told her to come in for further evaluation, the station reports.