"Surviving and thriving despite fat stigma is a feat worth acknowledging, and who doesn't love a sticker for positive reinforcement?" says creator Stacy Bias

By Gabrielle Olya
October 02, 2015 05:00 PM

Stacy Bias has designed a collection of “Rad Fatty” merit badges to celebrate bodies of all sizes. The stickers and pins have punchy phrases that encourage body pride, such as “Broke chair, don’t care” and “No shame in my beach body game.”

“It’s no secret that it can be hard out there in a fat body!,” she wrote on the Girl-Scout inspired badges’ fundraising page. (She’s already surpassed her goal.)

“Stranger side-eye, fat-shaming doctors, concern trolls, garden furniture (UGH), fashion pressures with limited choices, and let’s not even talk about airplanes!” she continued.

“There aren’t many little gifts we can buy ourselves or each other that celebrate our bodies exactly as they are, or that acknowledge the effort it takes to power through the daily obstacles to our joy and well being,” says the self-proclaimed fat and queer activist and artist. “These sticker packs are a little way to bring some lightheartedness and celebration to my fellow rad fatties who are out there every day fighting to make our world a better place!”

Bias said she was inspired to create the badges after seeing Nicole Arbour’s controversial "Dear Fat People" YouTube video.

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“The morning after that terrible woman’s ‘Dear Fat People’ video launched on YouTube, I woke up thinking ‘I deserve a @(#&(* Merit Badge for not flying over to Canada to sit on her,’ ” she wrote on her website. “So, I designed one (and a few others) and posted them on Facebook.”

Bias has already sold 300 sticker sheets, and is currently putting pins into production.