"The more people know about [IUDs] and feel comfortable talking about it, the better," Natasha Miller tells PEOPLE

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated December 02, 2015 11:55 AM
Credit: ContraceptCreations

A Chicago-based medical student is using statement earrings to really make a statement.

Natasha Miller, 26, was working at a reproductive health organization when she got the idea to make IUD-shaped earrings as a gift for her boss.

“My boss was the biggest advocate of IUDs, and I was an IUD doula with her,” Miller tells PEOPLE. “I thought it would be fun to make her a pair of earrings because I always thought [IUDs] sort of looked like jewelry.”

Her boss loved the earrings so much, she ended up buying more from Miller to give her graduating resident students as gifts. The popularity of the unique jewelry encouraged Miller to start her own Etsy shop, ContraceptCreations, which she opened just over a year ago.

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Miller has since sold over 60 pairs, and while the delicate pieces are certainly pretty, she sees them as more than just an accessory.

“They’re not [meant to be] fashionable,” says Miller, who will be donating $5 from every sale to Planned Parenthood through December 20. “The idea is that they’re educational. It’s a way to reduce stigma about IUDs.”

Miller hopes her earrings, necklaces and pins spark conversations about IUDs and other forms of birth control.

“There are a lot of myths about IUDs that are barriers for people who may really like them as a method,” she says. “The more people know about it and feel comfortable talking about it, the better.”