WWE star Eva Torres planned to show off her post-baby body four weeks after giving birth but soon realized she had other priorities

By Julie Mazziotta
September 28, 2016 02:30 PM
Source: Eve Torres/Instagram

WWE star Eva Torres snapped a bathroom selfie of her stomach one week postpartum with big plans to post it four weeks later, when she was back to her pre-baby abs. But she soon realized that it wasn’t going to happen – and that it wasn’t important.

“I had originally taken this photo one week after I gave birth to Raeven with the intention of putting it side by side with my future ‘skinny’ body after I lost all my baby weight ‘in just 4 weeks!’ (Like they do in the magazines). Well 4 weeks passed. And then 4 months. And we are almost at a year, and I still haven’t reached my pre-baby body, and maybe never will,” Torres, 32, writes on Instagram.

“And yet, I am proud of my body, and I feel healthy as ever.”

It took time, but Torres learned that having a perfect body was much less meaningful than enjoying life with her son Raeven, 1.

“I realized that the only ‘after’ picture that matters is a happy, healthy mommy with her happy, healthy baby,” she says.

It’s a lesson she hopes that other new moms will take to heart.

“I wish new moms wouldn’t be burdened with the pressure to get back into pre-baby shape so quickly,” Torres says. “Exercise (when your body is ready), eat for health, love yourself & your child, and let your body do whatever it’s meant to do after the amazing feat of creating a human.”