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We need your help to pick which hottie has the sexiest eyes: Bradley Cooper, Rami Malek, Chris Evans or Shemar Moore

October 11, 2017 02:43 PM

Whose deep, beautiful eyes could you stare into forever?

We need your help for the Sexiest Man Alive awards this year. You’ve already voted for Sexiest Chest, Sexiest Abs, Sexiest Arms, and Sexiest Butt — now we have the Sexiest Eyes award.

Should the award go to Bradley Cooper and his crystal clear baby blue peepers? Or does wide-eyed Rami Malek have the eyes you’d willingly fight against society for? What about Chris Evans, the man whose body isn’t the only thing super about him? Or does the prize belong to Shemar Moore, who just might make you feel young and restless again?

Cast your vote and let us know.

To find out who won the Sexiest Eyes category, pick up a copy of our Sexiest Man Alive issue on newstands Nov. 17

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