The star took to her Facebook page to recount the experience

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated January 19, 2016 02:40 PM
Credit: Source: Whitney Way Thore/Facebook

Whitney Way Thore is stirring up controversy on Facebook again.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star took to social media Saturday when, according to Thore, a cashier at a convenience store told her he’d only ring up her packet of gum if she smiled.

“Interactions like this are beyond frustrating and belittling,” Thore writes in the post. “I was not rude to this man, and I do not owe him a smile or outward display of happiness – I was exhausted and had a headache, but that doesn’t even matter because I do not need to justify not smiling on demand for a stranger.”

“Would he have held a male customer’s items hostage until he smiled for him? I’m willing to bet everything I own that the answer is no.”

The body-positive activist notably criticized comedian Nicole Arbour, who posted the viral Dear Fat People video, on Facebook back in September. Thore called out Arbour for unfairly judging people by their size, sparking a conversation about the harmful repercussions of body shaming.

Now Thore’s new post, which already boasts over 88 thousand likes, is filled with mixed reactions from fans, ranging from total agreement and gratitude to outright criticism, and the star is even taking the time to refute individual comments.

“I’m sorry, but why couldn’t you just humor him and smile? He would have gotten to see it, and you could have gone about your business,” commenter Anna Kirkland writes. “Just curious. I would’ve just smiled and gone on with my life.”

Thore responded within three minutes in an attempt to make her original message clear.

“You think it’s okay to be forced to smile by a clerk who asks for it in exchange for DOING HIS JOB? And if you recognize he WOULDN’T have done it to another man, then it’s blatant sexism, plain and simple.”

As of now, over 13 thousand comments have been posted on Thore’s original post.