Whitney Way Thore shared a photo of a piece of hate mail she allegedly received from a doctor to show how "fat-phobic" society can be

By Gabrielle Olya
February 22, 2017 06:30 PM
Maarten de Boer/Getty

Whitney Way Thore is no stranger to body shaming, but she was particularly disturbed by a piece of hate mail she allegedly recently received from a doctor in California.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star, 32, shared a photo on Facebook on Tuesday night of a letter she claims she received from someone who credits themselves as an M.D., in which the author says the cause of her weight gain is “plain old gluttony” rather than polycystic ovarian syndrome and goes on to call her a “big fat pig.”

“There is nothing about your life that is ‘fabulous,’ ” the letter reads. “When you are a big fat sow as you are, it is a disgusting existence. You need to get out of denial and do something about your extreme obesity.”

Thore, who believes “we live in a fat-phobic society,” decided to share the letter.

“I actually had to stop myself from crying as I read this,” the reality star posted on Facebook along with the photo. “Perhaps the thing that disturbs me the most is his assessment that nothing about my life is ‘fabulous’ and that, because of my weight, I lead a ‘disgusting existence.’ ”

Thore goes on to say that she has actually led a very fulfilled existence, full of travel, lots of love and support from friends and family, and a variety of interests. She also explains that her battle with weight is more complicated than this doctor’s assumptions.

“After 19 years of living as a thin woman who struggled with eating disorders, I gained 100 lbs. in a nine-month span, and later was diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance,” she said. “Since being diagnosed, I have lost 100 lbs. in eight months, gained it back, and still struggled with bulimia and disordered eating.”

“Weight is a nuanced subject — it’s not black and white and I’ve never claimed that PCOS is the only factor or reason for my current weight, but to reduce it down to nothing silences the one in 10 women who deal with this syndrome every day and feel like they have no support,” she continued.

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Thore wrote that she refuses to let people like this doctor make her feel “disgusting” anymore.

“I know that my life has been messy and complicated and overwhelmingly wonderful and I am not defined by how fat I am,” she posted. “The world hates fat people, and more specifically, fat women. Anyone who doesn’t believe this is ignorant to the b—— we encounter every day, even from the people who have taken an oath to ‘help’ us.”

“It absolutely does not matter why someone is fat (or thin, or disabled, or anything else),” she continued. “All human beings deserve respect. My heart aches for all the human beings this man ‘treated,’ because he clearly treated them poorly and with no respect. He can do better.”