Whitney Way Thore fights back with a comedian who says fat people are "moody and cranky" on My Big Fat Fabulous Life

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated July 20, 2016 11:45 AM
Credit: FabUplus Magazine

Don’t cross Whitney Way Thore!

The body activist and star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life went on the attack when she heard comedian Kerryn Feehan, a guest on the radio show where Thore works, making unkind remarks about fat people.

While listening in to the show at work, Thore decides she has to respond to Feehan and bursts into the studio.

“People who claim to be concerned for my health but insult me in the same breath give themselves away; they are not ‘concerned.’ They’re fat-phobic,” Thore tells PEOPLE about the incident. “It’s attitudes like this – the aggressive fat-shaming cloaked in concern that all too often convinces fat people that we are worthless and it’s a narrative I will not buy into.”

“I just don’t take very kindly to assumptions being made about my weight and health, and also, why do you care?” Thore asks Feehan in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode.

“Do you feel sad for your friends who are a little overweight?” one of the on-air hosts, Steve Maney, adds to Feehan. “Like do you feel sad for Whitney?”

“I feel affected by them, I feel affected by their moods,” Feehan responds. “I feel affected by the way they treat me.”

Whitney, jaw dropped, asks, “So fat people don’t treat you well?!”

“Yeah, they’re moody and they’re cranky! They’re mean!” Feehan says.

Feehan expanded on her comments in a blog post on her website, and tells PEOPLE that she did not mean to ridicule Thore.

“I was contacted and hired by this show, I didn’t seek out Whitney to bully her, that’s ludicrous,” Feehan tells PEOPLE. “When asked about my opinion I was honest.”

Thore, who suffers from PCOS, making it harder for her to lose weight, did drop 100 lbs. at one point, but the weight came right back.

“Attitudes like this, is exactly what kept me in a darkened apartment, ordering pizza, because I didn’t want to go out into the world because people treated me so bad,” she says.

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Thore tells PEOPLE that Feehan was unfairly judging her without understanding Thore’s situation.

“I know one thing for sure: hating your body will never get you anywhere faster than loving it will,” she says. “I refuse to be carelessly labeled a food addict or called delusional because I love my body. I won’t suppose to know anything about the issues Kerryn has grappled with in her life, but I offer her nothing but compassion in dealing with them.”

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on TLC.