Whitney Way Thore gets frustrated with her best friend Todd because he doesn't understand what she goes through as a curvy woman

By Julie Mazziotta
April 04, 2017 11:06 AM

Whitney Way Thore was hoping for a fun trip to New York City with her best friend, Todd Beasley, but a major fight is threatening to tear them apart.

After Thore, 32, stole the show at a dance workshop — that was just supposed to be for Beasley — he starts yelling at her in Central Park.

“You’re trying to make it seem like none of this even happened, like you didn’t take away from our entire trip, MY entire trip, that you made about you,” Beasley says in this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. “You are being so selfish, and only caring about what’s going on for you.”

“You’re the one who convinced me to come,” Thore responds. “If you wanted this to be just your trip, and you didn’t want me to influence anything, and you didn’t want to be around me, you didn’t want to spend time around me, you didn’t want to support me, then why did you invite me to come? Do you know how jealous you sound?”

Beasley is feeling down because he pushed himself to the point of vomiting at the dance workshop, and feels like that ruined his moment.

“I had a failure, and then that failure was shown to everybody,” he says.

“But you didn’t fail, Todd! It’s not a failure. You weren’t well!” Thore replies. “Why do you have to act all jealous to me? You know you’re better! Let me have this!”

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Their argument shows Thore that Beasley doesn’t understand how minor this incident actually is compared to the failure she experiences daily because of her weight.

“Do you know how much stuff I don’t get because I’m fat? Like basic respect? From anybody who sees me on the street that I don’t get because I’m fat?” Thore says in an interview. “Do you ever think about all the stuff you get that you take for granted that you inherently get because you walk around this world in a perfect f—— body that I don’t get? So let me have one thing, because I’m fat.”

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