May 08, 2017 10:48 AM


Wendy Kaufman is best known for appearing as “The Snapple Lady” in TV commercials throughout the 90s, but behind the scenes the bubbly personality had been struggling with numerous addictions.

“When I got to college, I definitely learned more about alcoholic beverages,” Kaufman, 59, says on Monday’s episode of the syndicated daytime series The Doctors. “We were doing crystal meth. From 21 to 31, I was doing enormous amounts of cocaine.”

While Kaufman has been sober for 27 years, she is now struggling with an addiction that has plagued her for decades.

“I am back to my first addiction, which was the food addiction, and I don’t want to die,” she says in an exclusive clip.

Kaufman is currently pre-diabetic, and is concerned about her weight causing her to have a heart attack.

“It is killing me,” Kaufman continues while discussing her addiction with host Dr. Travis Stork. “I’m so blessed that I got the phone call to come here because I’m desperate. I’m so proud of myself that I have almost 28 years of sobriety, so I conquered the drugs, smoking — and when I say smoking I’m talking about three packs a day, because when you’re a cokehead, you’re smoking a lot of cigarettes — and booze.”

Stork tells Kaufman she has “an addictive personality,” and it will take some time for her to cure her food addiction.

“It’s almost hard to fathom that you’ve dealt with the drug addiction, and now with the food addiction, because you seem on the outside so happy,” he says. “Inside, this has been killing you. […] And obviously this isn’t something you’re going to be able to overcome in one day or one visit here on the set of The Doctors, but it seems to me like you’re ready to make a change.”

To find out how The Doctors help Kaufman, check your local listings and tune into Monday’s episode.

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