Source: KLTA 5 Morning News/Facebook
July 18, 2016 11:55 AM

Someone stop that hot runner!

KTLA 5 Newscaster Wendy Burch grabbed a nearby runner for an about reports of shark sightings in Dana Point, California, and was clearly flustered by the guy’s ripped body and Australian “accent.” So when the interview was over, she did what was necessary and jokingly chased him down.

The “Aussie” runner – who was actually identified in Facebook comments as an (American) UCLA student and pole vaulter named Riley Turner – said that beach-goers shouldn’t worry about the sharks.

Wendy Burch interviews Riley Turner on KTLA 5
Source: KLTA 5 Morning News/Facebook

“I mean, the sharks are always going to be there,” Turner says, in a wavering Australian accent. “I mean, why do you think there’s more shark sightings in the summer, you’ve got more people, we’ve got more people trying to look for the sharks, but they’re not going to hurt you. I spear fish off this point every week.”

Turner tells Burch that his name is James, before running off.

“Thank you James, in more ways than you know,” she tells him, as he sprints back up the hill. “I love that guy. I have nothing else to say. That’s James.”

But the in-studio anchor, Chris Schauble, isn’t letting that be the end of their brief love story.

“Why are you letting him go?” Shauble asks. “Where’s he from? You gotta get more info Wendy! You let him off the hook!”

“The story of my life!” Burch jokes.

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But she finally gives in, and drops the mic before playfully running after him.

“There you go Wendy, go get him!” Schauble cheers.

Forget shark sightings – women in the area are going to start pulling out the binoculars for Riley Turner, aka “James,” sightings.

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