Jaimie Alexander uses Pilates and planks to tone her arms and core

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated December 08, 2020 10:48 AM
Credit: FayesVision/WENN

To tone up, Jaimie Alexander does a combination of Pilates and circuit training with her trainer, Sara Lewis.

“She definitely loves doing both,” Lewis tells PEOPLE. “I love the lengthening of Pilates and really getting in touch with all of the muscles of the core – upper abdominals, lower abdominals. Not everyone always loves that slow work, so what we do is we take all of that stuff and we speed it up.”

The Blindspot star, 32, particularly likes to focus on her arms and core. To do this, Alexander does a lot of work on the Pilates reformer.

“Pilates uses your own body weight in conjunction with the exercise,” says Lewis. “We’re using muscles from head to toe, firing core muscles and working arms, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings – everything all at once. Pilates is an all-encompassing diligence. It’s the most complete, fundamental exercise.”

On the floor Lewis puts Alexander through several plank variations, including side planks with a twist to work the shoulders and obliques. Another variation is to hold a side plank while piking the hips up and down, which works the arms and the side body. For even more arm work, Lewis has Alexander do push-up variations, including tricep push-ups, and holding the push-up at the halfway point.

“Body weight work for arms is great because we’re not going to add mass,” explains Lewis. “Jaimie is strong, but we don’t need to bulk her up. All we’re doing is increasing a little more definition, and to do that all we need is body weight work.”

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When Alexander is filming, Lewis ramps up the cardio.

“We’ll do reps on the floor, we’ll do reps on the reformer, reps on the springboard, and then in between sets we’ll do cardio – anything from mountain climbers, twists with the knees or we’ll do [the punching] bag or jumping jacks just to keep the heart rate up,” she says. “Keeping the heart rate up means more calories burned.”

Lewis – who is the owner of XO Cross Over Fitness – works out with Alexander up to five times a week, and is constantly switching up their routine.

“I always want to change things up and keep her on her toes,” says Lewis. “She’s up for anything! She is one of the hardest workers I’ve worked with.”

For Alexander, the fitness goal is to achieve a toned physique.

“We’re not talking about losing weight or fitting into a dress,” says Lewis. “We’re talking about sculpting and building muscle.”