Vanessa Williams speaks about aging in Hollywood

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated December 07, 2016 08:58 AM
Essence - 2
Credit: Warwick Saint

Even beauty queen Vanessa Williams isn’t immune to Hollywood’s ageist tendencies.

The actress, 53, recalls an incident in which a director of photography didn’t like the way her face was looking on screen.

“The DP asks my makeup artist, ‘What am I to do?’ ” Williams recounted while speaking to Essence in the January issue for her cover story with daughter Jillian Hervey, on newsstands Friday.

She responded by telling her makeup artist, “This is 53. This is what it looks like. Tell the DP to learn how to light it!”

Williams also spoke about how she has been able to maintain a successful career in the entertainment industry for 30 years.

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Essence - 1
Credit: Warwick Saint

“When they yell, ‘Cameras ready!’ I am the first one there,” she says. “The director and producer notice. I take whatever I’m doing seriously.”