December 22, 2015 10:40 AM

The world watched in horror as Kim Kardashian had her own blood injected into her face during a vampire facial (all documented for Kourtney & Kim Take Miami of course) – but apparently that’s not the only cosmetic use for human blood.

The newest procedure is a Vampire Breast Lift, which involves drawing blood from a patient, and then injecting the platelet-rich plasma extracted from the blood into the breast.

“It is typically used for natural breasts where the patient desires a more rounded look, and would like to avoid the surgical downtime,” plastic surgeon Dr. Saul Lahijani – who is not an official provider of the procedure – tells PEOPLE. “It may also benefit patients who already have implants, but would like to fix small defects, such as the rippling of implants, or further enhance their breasts.”

Lahijani says the effectiveness of such procedures is minimal, however, and recommends a fat transfer for better results.

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“Fat transfer is more mainstream, and it can be used to modify or enhance the size and fullness better than platelet-rich plasma,” he says. “Scientific data supports the superiority of fat transfer to the breasts.”

In addition, the results of a Vampire Breast Lift typically only last nine to 12 months.

“One drawback is that the procedure will give you minimal improvements that may not last very long,” he says. “Thus the patient may not be fully satisfied with the results of the procedure. Platelet-rich plasma can also cause swelling, irritation and/or bruising. Patients who currently have implants also run the risk of having their implants inadvertently punctured, which may cause them to deflate.”

Perhaps it’s best to just keep our blood in our veins for now.

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