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Despite recent unflattering photos, Kirstie "looks terrific," says the current Jenny Craig spokeswoman

July 25, 2008 08:40 AM

Kirstie Alley is no Fat Actress! So says pal – and fellow Jenny Craig spokeswoman – Valerie Bertinelli.

And while less-than-flattering photos of Alley have appeared in magazines and on the Internet, Bertinelli insists her friend has not regained the weight she famously lost while representing the diet company.

“I don’t know what those photographs might say, and I don’t necessarily see a lot of them,” the former One Day at a Time star told Entertainment Tonight. “I have heard of them, but I disagree. When I have been with Kirstie, she looks terrific.”

(Alley stepped down as spokesperson in February, announcing plans to launch her own weight-loss service.)

Bertinelli – ex-wife of rocker Eddie Van Halen – credits the Jenny Craig plan with helping her maintain her own 40-lb. weight loss.

“I am not a size zero. I am never going to be,” she told the TV show. “I am between a six and an eight. In the business that I am in, that is heavy, but I am comfortable. … I am not going to be told what I have to weigh by society or by what glamour magazines tell you.”

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