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February 05, 2016 11:20 AM

Kim Anami is a Vaginal Kung Fu master, and says that this method of building vaginal strength can do everything from improving your sex life to providing a natural facelift.

“In the Vaginal Kung Fu program I teach, it’s about toning the pelvic floor and vagina with a weight training routine, and in the process, reconnecting a woman to her body and sexual power,” Anami, 44, tells PEOPLE.

She believes that most women have “numb vaginas” resulting from a lack of proper use.

“Just like any muscle that isn’t being exercised, it will atrophy,” explains Anami. “This leads to numbness, dissociation and lowered libido. Vaginal Kung Fu invigorates the vagina so it can function as it’s meant to: a giver of multiple orgasms and life-changing pleasure.”

Vaginal Kung Fu involves actually lifting weights with your vaginal muscles, along with “healing on emotional and mental levels as well,” says Anami.

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“I came across the ancient Taoist practice of vaginal weight lifting about 15 years ago,” she says. “I tried it and noticed an immediate benefit. Not only did I feel vaginally stronger, but my orgasms were more powerful and pleasurable.”

Anami uses a jade egg attached to a string to physically lift objects with her vagina. She has lifted everything from tropical fruit to a surfboard, and can lift up to 10 lbs. using just her vaginal muscles.

“Seeing – and feeling – the difference, I began incorporating the teaching into my work as a sex and relationship coach,” says Anami.

Anami says the benefits include more orgasms, increased libido, elimination of urinary incontinence, easier childbirth, improved and tightened skin (“I have had clients stop using Botox!”), overall confidence – and the ability to shoot Ping-Pong balls out of your lady parts.

“I see this as every woman’s God-given right!”

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