Tracee Ellis Ross recreated her mother Diana Ross's 1981 "Work That Body" music video as an "ode" to the 71-year-old

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated August 24, 2015 01:35 PM

She got it from her mama!

Blackish‘s Tracee Ellis Ross paid tribute to her mother Diana Ross by recreating the 71-year-old’s 1981 music video for “Work That Body” in a new clip.

The popular single, from Why Do Fools Fall in Love, featured a hip-shaking, leotard-clad Ross. In Ellis Ross’ new take on the video, she emulates her mother’s moves while wearing a rainbow assortment of one-pieces.

The 42-year-old jump ropes and lifts weights in scenes spliced intermittently with Ross’ original clip.

“I recreated my Mom’s Work That Body video from 1981 as a fun experiment and a surprise for my mama! And ODE to her,” Ellis Ross wrote on YouTube. “While she has so, so many incredible moments to choose from, this one had an impact on me.”

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Ellis Ross further explained the reasoning behind her project through her personal website.

“I was watching and thinking: why does watching this woman dancing around in barely any clothes with her tush to the camera make me feel joyful and empowered when the same kind of image in most music videos today doesn’t give me that feeling?” she wrote. “I know this is my mom so obviously I’m projecting a connection and I know it was a different time, it was the 80’s. But still, it didn’t feel like she was dancing as a presentation of herself or like she was offering up her bits, which I feel like most videos are these days.”

The actress said that women are often being objectified or objectifying themselves in today’s imagery, something she didn’t see in Ross’ clip.

“I think it is meant to be an empowered act, a reclaiming of our bodies,” she said, also adding, “She seems to be saying, ‘this is ME feeling good and I am strong and sexy and joyful in ME!’ ”

The former Girlfriends star, who called her mother “stupid gorgeous,” also wrote she hopes her clip helps others “find and be in the joy of your own body!”