Natalya Neidhart loves her raspy voice now, but she used to be teased about it

By Gabrielle Olya
April 13, 2017 04:56 PM

Natalya Neidhart enters a wrestling ring with total confidence, but admits she used to struggle with insecurities just like everybody else.

“It’s interesting — all the things that I used to worry about, that I was insecure about, they are the things that make me highly successful,” the Total Divas star, 34, tells People Now. “Being different and being unique, all those unique eccentricities that only Nattie has, for whatever crazy reason they’ve brought me to the top.”

One of those features is her unique voice. While she embraces it now, Neidhart says she was teased about it growing up.

“Even when I was a little kid, I always had this raspy voice,” she says. “I remember being in elementary school and people would always make fun of my voice and just be like, ‘What’s wrong with your voice?’ “

But Neidhart says she gets positive feedback about it now.

“It’s funny, nowadays I’ll be going through customs at an airport and people are like, ‘You’re Nattie! I recognize your voice. I love your voice!’ ” she says. “People all the time recognize my voice. I’m like, ‘I love my voice!’ “

“It’s very symbolic of all those things that maybe I was teased about, they’re what make me great today,” she continues. “And I love being different, I love being strong. I really learned to embrace myself in so many good ways.”

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And while she’s confident in her skin (and voice!), Neidhart admits she still has days when she feels self-conscious.

“There’s days where I feel just like, ‘Gosh I look chubby today’ or I don’t like the way my hair looks,” she says. “We’re human, and it’s just about learning to love yourself and embracing all those unique qualities.”

Neidhart also spoke about how she stays in amazing shape — aside from body slamming women for a living, which she says definitely builds upper body strength!

“I really just believe in being consistent,” she says. “Whether it’s doing hot yoga or running or Olympic powerlifting — I do all three — find what you like and be consistent with it because working out is something you have to keep up with for the rest of your life. And especially doing what we do in the WWE, I need to stay healthy and I need to be fit, and it’s just about being consistent. Everybody’s different, so different things work for different people. But yeah, start with some body slams!”