By Gabrielle Olya
Updated December 08, 2020 11:05 AM
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Bikini season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you should stop hitting the gym!

“Year-round, you want to feel good about yourself, you want to have that energy, you want to be your best self,” Tone It Up’s Karena tells PEOPLE. “We all fall into the [mentality of] ‘I don’t have to be in my bikini so for a few months I’ll have a little extra something,’ and that’s okay – but stay on track.”

Katrina recommends setting small goals for yourself throughout the fall to stay motivated.

“Sometimes I have a goals of wearing something that I really like for Halloween, or feeling comfortable wearing just my sports bra and cycling pants to hot yoga,” she says.

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With temperatures cooling down, the fitness pros recommend heading outside for high-intensity interval training workouts. For a simple workout, switch off between walking and jogging as you encounter telephone poles along your route. For more of a challenge, mix up sprinting for 30-second bursts with toning moves such as squat jumps, lunge jumps and tricep push-ups.

Tone It Up-Bodies
Credit: Tone It Up
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Credit: Tone It Up

“High intensity interval training is really great for your metabolism,” says Katrina. “It’s actually more effective than heading out for a steady jog. We love going out for a steady run or walk, but what you can achieve in 20 minutes of HIIT exceeds the amount of calories that you could even burn in an hour workout.”