Instagram fitness star Sophie Guidoin says she doesn't need to do any cardio for get her thin, muscular body ready for fitness competitions

By Julie Mazziotta
December 02, 2016 12:15 PM
Source: Sophie Guidoin/Instagram

Leave the treadmill and elliptical behind, because a rock-hard body IS possible without a drop of cardio.

Instagram fitness star Sophie Guidoin is showing off her svelte, ripped body ahead of her next fitness competition, and says she did it all without cardio workouts.

“Yesterday I finally got back into my ‘Comp/progress’ bikinis,” Guidoin writes on Instagram, as she goes on to explain how she got her muscular body. “I am NOT doing any cardio. (Don’t have time and nutrition controls my body fat).”

Guidoin, who had twin babies through a c-section just one year ago, says each week she does three to four strength training workouts before her kids wake up.

The mom of four and personal trainer made fitness her career after completely revamping her lifestyle. During her first pregnancy, Guidoin gained 62 lbs. because of her unhealthy eating habits, but by following a clean diet, she added just 37 lbs. while carrying her twins.

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“I had very little idea about nutrition, and would eat packaged noodles and flavored milks to fill me up,” she previously told PEOPLE. “I rarely made things from scratch and didn’t really understand the difference a healthy lifestyle would make. My third pregnancy, I listened to my body, ate only meals from scratch – a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits – and had a clean lifestyle.”

And Guidoin’s healthy lifestyle helped her body bounce right back to the muscular figure she has today.

“I feel as though my fitness and strength that I continued throughout allowed me a better recovery,” she says.

“I LIVE and BREATHE this lifestyle, I LOVE it,” she writes on Instagram. “I work in and own a gym, my husband is a pro natural bodybuilder and I have been consistent for 5+ years now — not overnight, but certainly achievable and healthy.”