Hill revealed that she eats 3,000 calories a day to maintain her figure

By Char Adams
January 16, 2017 12:41 PM
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Credit: Source: Taylor Hill/Instagram

What better way to show off your fit physique than with a tiny, black bikini?

Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill flaunted her killer body in a recent Instagram photo, showing herself lounging under the sun in the swimsuit and a pair of sunglasses.

“Get at me,” she captioned the shot.

Hill, 20, recently revealed that she works hard for her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show-ready body by eating well and working out.

“I eat 3,000 calories a day before the VS show. Three thousand!” Hill told The Times. “There’s no way you look like that and don’t eat. You will die.”

She added: “Victoria’s Secret girls are like athletes. We’re like Olympians. We’re strong.”

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This isn’t the first time Hill has opened up about maintaining her figure. She said during an episode of Amazon’s Style Code Live in December that she often hit the gym with other Angels before the famous fashion show.

“All the girls and I — all of the angels, there’s 14 of us — we’re a super tight-knit group. So we actually see each other all the time,” Hill said. “I worked out with most of them before the show, like every day together.”