The Today Show's Tamron Hall says she ignored a man who once said her looks would distract viewers

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated June 21, 2016 02:35 PM
Credit: Allison Michael Orenstein

These days, Tamron Hall is slowly conquering the news world, as a co-anchor on the Today Show, a correspondent for NBC News and host of Deadline Crime. But a sexist comment almost deterred her from trying to break into news at all.

“Someone – a man – advised me not to become a news anchor because my eyelashes were too long, and they would distract the viewers,” Hall, 45, tells The New Potato.

“On career day as a young journalist, I scraped up my money and went to this big conference for young journalists, and the great feedback I got was that I would not or should not become an anchor because my eyelashes were too long and too distracting,” she says.

Hall is just one of many female newscasters who has been criticized for her looks or body-shamed throughout her career. But now she knows how to ignore it.

“The best advice I received came late, and it’s this: Don’t read the comments section of any story that mentions you!” she says, laughing.

Instead, Hall prefers to focus on happier pursuits like her love of food, passed down from her late father.

“I quite enjoy cooking,” she says. “I love cooking for my friends. It’s communal, it reminds me of being with family, and it’s also a form of therapy; it heals you from the inside out.”

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She balances her meals with long walks and bike rides around the city, along with regular Pilates classes.

“I hate exercise and the notion of the gym,” Hall says. “I’m like, ‘The gym? What is this language you speak?’ I’d rather get my exercise walking.”