Refinery29 is trying to change that with its Take Back the Beach series

By Michele Corriston
June 18, 2015 12:45 PM
Aingeru Zorita

Summer may be synonymous with the beach but many young women are foregoing the seasonal pleasure because they don’t feel confident enough to slip into a bathing suit, according to a new survey by Refinery29.

The website polled 1,000 millennial women, publishing the results Monday as part of its “Take Back the Beach” series.

The outcome? Fifty-four percent of women surveyed are mostly happy with their bodies, while a mere 7 percent are completely happy. The No. 1 thing respondents avoid is going to the beach, while 80 percent steer clear of certain activities because they feel self-conscious about their bodies.

Shockingly, 70 percent of those surveyed said they had gone on a diet before age 13.

Refinery29 is trying to fight that mentality with “Take Back the Beach,” a campaign recommending stylish and sexy suits in all shapes and sizes to make women feel beautiful and comfortable.

“Our mission this summer is to take the anxiety out of going to the beach,” staffer Naomi Nevitt writes, “and an excellent bathing suit is key to beating back all that ‘Do I look okay?’ nonsense.”