Agnes Hedengard, a 19-year-old model from Sweden, said she can't get hired in the fashion industry because agencies say she's "too big"

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated August 26, 2015 03:35 PM
Credit: Courtesy Agnes Hedeng rd

A 19-year-old model from Sweden is using YouTube to take a stand against the fashion industry that she says has labeled her “too big” for the runway.

In a video shared earlier this week, Agnes Hedengard wore only a bikini as she posed in front of a mirror and explained why she struggles to find work despite her seemingly good looks.

“I have worked as a model for about five years now, but up to this day I don’t get any more jobs since the industry thinks I’m too big,” she said. “They think this is too big.”

Hedengard, who said she is 5’11” with a body mass index of 17.5 (which would technically put her in the “underweight” category, according to the National Institutes of Health), pointed to her body parts as she told viewers, “They think my butt is too big and they think my hips are too wide.”

She goes on to say she’s been contacted by agencies and clients for bookings, but they often change their minds after receiving her measurements.

“According to the model industry you cannot look like this, you need to be thinner,” she said, referencing her body in the mirror.

The Swede said she posted the video to highlight what she calls “absurd” modeling standards.

“I hate it and I just want other people to see this,” she said, adding, “Love yourself, don’t let anyone tell you anything different.”

Hedengard, who regularly shares modeling photos on Instagram, thanked fans for the overwhelming response to her clip through the image-sharing site on Tuesday.

“You guys are amazing,” she wrote. “Thank you all for all the love and support.”

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