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August 05, 2015 02:45 PM

Here’s a general rule of thumb: Don’t make fun of a menstruating woman. Why? Because it’s an awful thing to do – and you probably won’t get away with it.

An Australian named Lauren Jovanovié was seriously frustrated by a recent experience at a Coles supermarket, where she claimed a male cashier joked about the sanitary products she was purchasing.

“Hi Coles. Just wondering whether your male checkout staff receive training on appropriate conversation and facial expressions to display while scanning female sanitary items, such as pads and tampons?” Jovanovié vented on the supermarket’s Facebook page. (The post has received more than 16,000 shares since Tuesday.)

She proceeds to describe how her cashier – “a young man that didn’t even reach my boobs in regards to height” – made jokes about her pads purchase, asking if she’d ever tried Viva paper towels.

“Now usually I am all for a good sense of humour, however when a women is menstruating, she becomes a scary, enraged and frustrated being, and certainly does not want to hear about alternative ways to contain or absorb the blood that is mercilessly flowing out of her nether regions. A simple ‘how has your day been?’ would have sufficed,” the post continues.

Over 28,000 people have commented on the post, mostly with words of support (and outrage). “Yep I would have punched him!!!” one woman posted. “He should be demoted to a stock boy whose only responsibility is making sure that the items in the feminine row are well stocked,” wrote another woman. Quite a few commenters, however, defended the boy, one writing: “He was probably trying to brighten her day and make her smile, boys don’t understand periods.”

Coles could not immediately be reached for comment.

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