November 09, 2017 10:22 AM


Lauren Burns was born without arms, which makes life challenging — especially as a single mom of two.

Without arms and hands, the Tomah, Wisconsin-based Burns instead relies on her feet for daily tasks.

“I learned how to do everything with my feet. Write, use utensils, brush my teeth,” Burns, 32, explains in this exclusive clip from Friday’s episode of The Doctors.

She’s even a licensed driver.

“I called the DMV and asked what they needed for me to prove I could drive a vehicle, and they gave me a simple answer — as long as you can prove you can safely drive a vehicle, you can get your license,” Burns says. “I passed my driver’s test the first try.”

Lauren Burns

Of course, there are some things that are still tough for this flexible mom.

“There are lots of things I struggle with,” Burns says. “I mean, vacuuming is very difficult. Have you ever tried vacuuming with your neck? It’s definitely a challenge; I don’t enjoy it.”

The Doctors airs every weekday. Check your local listings for the network and time.

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