The country singer shares her fitness diary as she prepares for Dancing with the Stars

By People Staff
Updated September 10, 2006 11:25 AM

Country star Sara Evans knew she had to shape up before she could sashay on this season’s Dancing with the Stars (premiering Sept. 12) – so in between raising three kids with her husband, and touring with her band, Evans worked out with a trainer at home in Nashville.

The 35-year-old singer, who also did five-day-a-week dance sessions with partner Tony Dovolani near her summer house in Salem, Ore, shares her fitness diary with PEOPLE.

Aug. 9 The main thing I have to get used to is listening to Tony. For one, he does not want me to drink at all. At all! And I ll let my body go through the wringer, but I have a hard time sacrificing a beer or a glass of wine at night. Then he told me he wants me to do about 15 minutes of ab work every day; I do crunches on a fitness ball. He also wants me to do cardio, and so every day I try to do this 2 1/2-mile path on the country roads with my sister-in-law.

Aug. 15 Certain muscles of mine have been awakened that have been sleeping for a long time. It’s very different being in shape for a tour versus getting in shape to dance. For a tour, my goal is to look great in jeans. For dance, you start going, “Oh my gosh, this area really needs work.” I think every girl is constantly looking at her arms and that little bit of flab. On tour I can wear a shirt and no one will see it. But with dancing, every inch of your body is looked at very closely.

Aug. 19 Today we worked on Latin dances, and, boy, did I feel it in my lower back and my abs – my aching abs! At home the kids just wanted to jump into my arms. They don’t get it that Mom’s abdomen hurts so bad she can’t even raise her arms to get a glass out of the kitchen cabinet.

Aug. 21 I am not so concerned now with how I look when I dance – I can feel it in my body if I’m using proper form. But there are days I’m tired and lose my form and feel soreness in my lower back. That pain is a reminder to do the ab work Tony suggested. You need to have your core strong to be a dancer; I wish I’d done Pilates or yoga before I started this!

Aug. 22 I’m feeling a lot more fit and energized. I think I’ve lost a few pounds already. I’m not sure how much because I’m not really into hopping on the scale. I’d rather go by how I feel, and right now I feel great. I can even see a bit more tone in my legs. I d love to develop six-pack abs, but I don t know how realistic that is after having three C-sections!

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