The View cohost calls him the "Evil One," but she's "taking off the inches," she says

By Carlos Greer
Updated June 10, 2009 10:45 AM
Credit: Arlene Richie/JPI

Sherri Shepherd, who’s trying to slim down enough to pose in a bathing suit on The View on Aug. 6, isn’t exactly enjoying every minute of working with a personal trainer.

“He is the Evil One!” The View cohost, 42, told PEOPLE about trainer Don Scott at the Apollo Theater’s 75th anniversary celebration Monday in New York City. “He’s making me eat salad with extra virgin olive oil. That’s the closest to being a virgin I’m ever going to get.”

And some of Shepherd’s favorite foods have become off limits: “Cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings, milk shakes, Pinkberry – everything!” she says. “He told me I have to take the skin off the chicken. If I ate my leg with the skin, I couldn’t have anything else.”

But Shepherd hasn’t been immune to slipping up on her diet – and she joked on Monday’s The View about getting caught by her trainer after writing on Twitter about her close encounter over the weekend with catfish and fried calamari.

“You just assume when you tweet that you’re tweeting to people far away, not … your neighbor across the hall,” Shepherd said on the show.

Taking Off the Inches

Yet the comedian, who’s also developing an autobiographical comedy series for Lifetime, is trying to stay committed to her promise to unveil her bathing-suit body on national TV. “I dumbly said I was going to get into a bathing suit in front of four million people, so I had to step my game up,” says Shepherd. “This is the most [Don] has seen of me. Usually I just cancel.”

In addition to altering her diet, Shepherd says she is exercising rigorously. “He’s got me doing something called planks where I have to pull all of my 167 pounds on my arms, and I keep telling him I’m a diabetic, but it makes no difference to him.” And when she hits the treadmill? “He’s got me doing 4.5 on an 11 incline! What kind of mess is that?”

The work, however, is starting to pay off. “I’ve only lost four pounds, but I think I’m taking off the inches,” she says. And the comedian even has advice for Oprah Winfrey, who’s been struggling with her own weight issues.

“I need to introduce her to the Evil One. And he’s good-looking, too. You need a trainer that’s fine,” she emphasizes. “That will inspire you … although I’m going so fast on the treadmill I can’t even see what he looks like.”
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