"I have the same eating, weight and motivation issues that all of you do," Shaun T wrote in a Facebook post

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated October 20, 2015 05:10 PM
Credit: Courtesy Shaun T

Those who have tried his popular workout videos know that fitness star Shaun T is extremely toned and muscular – but he still experiences his fair share of body shaming, so he decided to fight back with a strongly worded Facebook post.

“As a fitness motivator I expect judgment about my body, and while it is sometimes hurtful it makes me a stronger person,” he posted on Monday. “I have the same eating, weight and motivation issues that all of you do. I’ve been through the journey and I know the struggle is real. So when people tell me I’m too skinny it really pisses me off.”

The INSANITY and Beachbody workout creator and the host of the "Trust and Believe" podcast, 37, accompanied the post with a photo that shows off his ripped physique, wearing only a pair of white boxer briefs.

“This is me,” continued Shaun. “This is my body TODAY! Next week it might not look the same. Next year it may not look the same either. I grow, I get older. I have a busy schedule. But I still try my best. THIS IS ME. I’m not too skinny! I’m 6 ft., 191 lbs. with 8 percent body fat. I play tennis, run, dance, insanity, yoga and I LIVE.”

Shaun shared his feelings on Facebook after receiving several recent comments from his followers on social media critiquing his size.

“I have a thick skin; however, this time, with these particular messages, I was like, I can’t even imagine how many people go through this same judgment every day,” he tells PEOPLE. “I was just like, I need to respond to this and let [my followers] know that whether people say you’re too skinny, or you’re too fat, or you need to do this, you’re not alone.”

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Shaun says being in the public eye puts him under constant scrutiny about his appearance.

“You always have this pressure,” he says. “When I go to a restaurant or if I’m on an airplane or I’m on a subway, the first thing people do is say, ‘Oh my gosh Shaun T, let me see your abs!’ I’ll be at events and people will literally walk up to me and lift up my shirt!”

The creator and star of the T-25 workout video series says his body is constantly changing – and he is okay with that.

“If it is that one day when people lift up my shirt and I’m not as ripped as they would like, I’m like, you know what, I’m human,” he says. “I ate ice cream all last week and I was on vacation. Some fitness professionals eat lettuce and chicken and they’re on a really strict diet. For me, I eat whatever I want. I eat 85 percent healthy and 15 percent fun.”

“If you look at every single one of my workouts, I look different in all of them because I was at different ages, different nutritional habits, and at different points in my career,” he continues. “I just want people to know, I’m the same person, but my body might look just a little different.”