The singer teamed up with the Juegaterapia Foundation to create a babydoll for pediatric cancer patients

By Michelle Ward Trainor
Updated May 04, 2016 01:40 PM
Credit: Isaac Brekken/Getty

Shakira is lending her talents to help children with cancer.

The Colombian singer – and mom of two young sons with partner – Gerard Piqué has designed a unique bald babydoll in partnership with the Spain-based charity, the Juegaterapia Foundation, which helps pediatric cancer patients by raising funds and building hospital gardens for the kids to play in.

Shakira, 39, tweeted a photo of the adorable freckled-faced doll, which is wearing a kiss covered bandana designed by the star. “Shak designed this peach for @juegaterapia to help sick kids and it’s available at babypelones!,” she wrote.

And the doll is much more than just a toy. There is a positive message underlying its creation. Not only will it raise funds to help support the cause, it was also made to give the children who lose hair their hair during treatment confidence and show that bald is beautiful.