Serena Williams says she's too busy preparing for her next match to worry about criticism about the way she looks

By Maria Coder
Updated August 31, 2015 11:05 AM
Credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty

Tennis all-star Serena Williams doesn’t have time for self-doubt, particularly when it comes to her looks. Williams, 33, who is set to play against Vitalia Diatchenko, 25, at the U.S. Open on Monday, says she is totally secure in her appearance.

“It’s me and I love me and I learned to love me and I’ve been like this my whole life, and I embrace me, and I love how I look,” she told Good Morning America on Monday.

“I love that I’m a full woman and I am strong, and I’m powerful, and I’m beautiful at the same time, and there’s nothing wrong like that. It’s so important to look at the positives, if I get caught up looking at the negatives it can really bring you down.”

Last month, Williams faced backlash from a picture of herself in a bikini she shared on Instagram.

“I don’t have time to be brought down, I’ve got too many things to do,” she said on GMA. “I have Grand Slams to win, I have people to inspire, and that’s what I’m here for.”

As for her big upcoming matches, Williams told GMA she doesn’t really feel that much pressure going into the U.S. Open.

“I feel like I want to win here more than probably anybody, but at the same time I don’t feel that pressure,” she said. Instead, she said her plan is to try to relax, work hard and “to win if I can.”

Despite her Zen-like approach, fans may still be at the edge of their seats. If Williams were to win the U.S. Open she would be the first woman since Steffi Graf to complete the Grand Slam – all four Majors in a calendar year – since 1988. She’d also tie Graf’s 22 Major championships for her career, which means both women would be second to Margaret Court’s all-time record of 24 titles.