"I just feel like they're kind of exploiting my body," Sam Frost said on her radio show

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated November 16, 2015 02:50 PM
Credit: Getty

Australian Bachelorette star and radio host Sam Frost slammed Maxim magazine for Photoshopping her image on their December cover.

On her 2Day FM morning show, Frost, 26, explained that the photos were actually taken last December, and altered to look like they were new.

“I had blonde hair, [so] it’s obvious that they’re old photos, but [I’m] smack, bang, right on the front cover, implying that I’ve done a second photo shoot,” she said on the show. “They’ve actually Photoshopped my hair dark because I was blonde then, and now I’m brunette.”

The Photoshopping didn’t end there.

“They’ve enhanced my chest,” said Frost. “I’m quite flat-chested and I’m okay with that. And brought in my waist.”

The reality star believes the Photoshopped images are misleading.

“I personally feel like it is a bit disappointing because I don’t look like that,” she said. “I’m a huge advocate for being a good role model for young girls and just embracing what you look like. I don’t have a big chest area and that’s okay. I just feel like they’re kind of exploiting my body.”

Frost said she wishes she never posed for Australia’s Maxim magazine to begin with.

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“I regretted doing the photo shoot in the first place,” she said. “I did the photo shoot last December. I wasn’t in a great frame of mind. I wish I didn’t do it in hindsight.”

Maxim‘s editor-in-chief Santi Pintado denied altering Frost’s chest or waist in an interview with news.com.au.

“It’s no secret magazines retouch images,” he told the site. “The only thing we’ve done is pretty much darken her hair from the shoot. In terms of enhancements, no, we haven’t really done anything to her at all.”