Courtesy Jenny Craig
March 15, 2011 10:00 AM

Six months ago Ross Mathews – aka Ross the Intern – had a very bad shirt day.

“I cleaned out my closet and packed away all the shirts that didn’t fit me anymore,” says the late night TV comic from Chelsea Lately, whose tops were too tight as he tipped the scales at around 220 lbs.

“It was very emotional. I was humiliated.”

But after seeing his friend Sara Rue lose 50 lbs. on Jenny Craig, “I was like ‘Honey, hook a brother up!” says Mathews, 31.

After joining the program in January, Mathews is now 25 lbs. lighter, 13 in. trimmer – and finally taking control of his unhealthy eating habits.

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“I was always a roly-poly kid,” says Mathews. “I wasn’t armed with the knowledge of how to eat. I saw thin people and thought they were just lucky. I didn’t realize they probably weren’t eating a bag of potato chip every night like I was.”

His look didn’t make his job interviewing celebrities on the red carpet any easier. “The hottest people in the world are everywhere I turn. It’s been a little bit intimidating,” he says. “But I saw Heidi Klum at the Elton John Oscar party. She said, ‘You look good. Have you lost weight?’ ”

The answer is yes – and he’s not done yet: Mathews has 15 lbs. to go before hitting his goal of 180 lbs., but he’s already comfortable showing off his progress.

“I was just on vacation in Puerta Vallarta, and I went snorkeling!” he marvels. “You know where you get in the water in just shorts in front of people?”

The new Jenny Craig spokesperson adds: “It’s nice not to feel so self-conscious. I feel great and confident. I’m really in control of this.”

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