By Gabrielle Olya
Updated November 01, 2016 05:26 PM

Ronda Rousey’s next fight will be one of her last.

The UFC fighter, 29, announced that she is ready to retire while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday.

“I’m wrapping it up,” said Rousey, who will be fighting Amanda Nunes in December. “This is definitely one of my last fights. Everyone better watch because the show isn’t gonna be around forever!”

Rousey also spoke to DeGeneres about her training routine in preparation for her upcoming fight.

“I’ve been training twice a day since August,” she said. “I finally feel like I’m super ninja good!”

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The boxer says she likes to switch up her workout routine so she doesn’t get bored.

“I do a lot of running, jumping, climbing trees to make it interesting every day.”