"I'm not fat, and I'm not a size 4," says the TV host, who returns to daytime Sept. 10

By Liz McNeil
July 26, 2012 10:50 AM
Barry Holmes/20th Television

She’s got a new job, a new man (husband of three months Christian Evans) and, yes, an active sex life, but ask talk show host Ricki Lake what she’s wishing for these days and she admits: “I’d like to lose 10 pounds – just like everyone.”

“I’m not fat, and I’m not a size 4,” says Lake, 43, who’s between a size 6 and 8. “I’m constantly working every day not to beat myself up for it.”

Assessing herself, Lake, who returns to daytime on her weekday, nationally syndicated The Ricki Lake Show, set to premiere Sept. 10, says: “I’m definitely not in as good as shape as I was on Dancing with the Stars. Part of me gets mad at myself that I didn’t keep it up – but it’s impossible. I’m not dancing for seven hours a day anymore. I can’t maintain that.”

Lake, who weighed more than 260 lbs. at her all-time high, vows to increase her workouts. “But,” she admits, “I did order an gourmet ice cream truck for the staff for the first day. I’m one big walking contradiction, but I have the mindset and, God knows, I have the willpower because I’ve done it before.

She adds: “I hope to be the incredible shrinking woman on the first season of The Ricki Lake Show!”

Besides weight issues, her show will also deal with relationships and sex. “Anything that woman 25 to 64 are talking about,” she says. “Now that I’m a mom with an 11- and 15-year-old and I’ve gone through a divorce and remarried in my 40s, I want to talk about what we’re all going through and what we’re trying to figure out,” she says.

She’s also prepped her husband with the fact that some elements of their personal life will likely be discussed. “I put my foot in my mouth telling Piers Morgan how great my sex life is,” she says, adding that Evans knows it’s part of the deal.

“I’m not gonna change,” she says. “But I’m not gonna be doing what Kathie Lee [Gifford] did back in the day with her kids [on Live With Regis and Kathie Lee]. That was too much!”