Find out how the famed Rockettes "get very much in shape" for the annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular

By Lindsay Kimble
November 28, 2017 02:51 PM

The Radio City Rockettes are spilling the secrets on their perfectly toned, high kick-ready legs.

Four members of the famed dance troupe stopped by PEOPLE Now to reveal the workout routine they follow to prep for the annual Christmas Spectacular show in New York City.

“We rehearse for six days a week, six hours a day,” shared one of the dancers. “So during rehearsal period we get very much in shape.”

And even in the off-season, the women said they maintain a rigorous fitness regimen: “We kind of do our own different things, bar classes, spin classes, go to the gym, cardio — you name it, we do it.”

Sometimes, that even means boxing, revealed another Rockette.

The ladies also taught PEOPLE Now’s hosts how to do their famous kickline, revealing that — despite appearances — they’re actually not touching each other during the choreographed moment.

“You’re kicking on your own, you’ll have your right hand out and left hand down,” shared one dancer.

For the full kick tutorial, watch the above clip.