The supermodel says traveling the world turned her off from getting plastic surgery

By Ana Calderone
Updated February 04, 2016 03:15 PM
Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

Even after a 30-year long career in modeling, Rachel Hunter is still learning things about beauty.

“As much I thought I understood beauty in my job, I never fully understood it,” the host of Ovation’s travel show Tour of Beauty told the Today show on Thursday, “until after I went on this journey.”

On her show, the 46-year-old supermodel travels to places like China, Greece and Fiji to learn about diverse beauty regimens – like her main secret of taking a shot of turmeric water everyday.

“You fall in love with these people and you get to walk in their shoes just for a moment,” she says of the experience, “and to understand what their passion is in their life.”

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After traveling the world, Hunter says she became turned off to one beauty mainstay: plastic surgery.

“I went from wanting it to absolutely no longer wanting it,” she says. “But also understanding that if that is what you need, then how can you judge somebody?”

And the mother of two, who was married to ex-husband Rod Stewart at age 21, says she has no regrets in her life.

“I live with my heart and I live very passionately and I would never change it,” she says. “I want to like who looks back at me in the mirror. If I can be happy and excited and a full human being, that’s a good thing.”