The new Jenny Craig spokeswoman says she hopes to "be an inspiration"

By Amy Elisa Keith
Updated January 10, 2008 02:25 PM
Credit: Matt Sayles/AP

Queen Latifah officially announced Thursday that she’s joining the ranks of Kirstie Allie and Valerie Bertinelli as the new spokeswoman for the Jenny Craig weight-loss program.

“I feel like I’ve set the example for loving your body no matter what size it is, but I also can set the example for being healthy as well,” says the singer and actress whose grandmother suffered from diabetes.

Talking about the health benefits of shedding a few pounds she says, “If you lose 5 7 percent of your bodyweight, you cut the chances of diabetes in half.”

Asked to name her usual dieting downfall, she says she doesn’t have a sweet-tooth, but “portions and sizes” is what gets her in trouble.

“I don’t eat bad food. I probably just eat too much food, and I think a lot of people do,” the Mad Money star admits.

By following the Jenny Craig program, which consists of a diet of prepackaged food and weekly weigh-ins and meeting, Latifah says her main goal is to be a healthy role model.

“I’m trying to just be an inspiration to people who just want to get healthy,” she says. “It’s not about losing 100 lbs., because that’s not who I want to be. But, it is about being really healthy.”

Reporting by Jed Dreben