Fans of Priyanka Chopra's pointed out the Photoshop fail on social media

By Gabrielle Olya
June 20, 2016 01:25 PM

Maxim India named Priyanka Chopra “The Hottest Woman in the World” – but apparently not hot enough to go without a ridiculous Photoshop edit.

After the Quantico star, 33, shared the cover image on Instagram, fans began pointing out that her underarm appears to be heavily edited. Rather than have the usual folds and bends of a normal underarm area, the photo makes her skin look perfectly smooth.

“Beautiful PC! But Barbie dolls armpits…too Photoshopped!!” commented one user.

“How Photoshopped can an armpit get????” commented another.

“Don’t think you need to be Photoshopped,” commented another of her followers. “You should speak out against this…need to send positive message to our girls.”

Maxim India shared additional images from the shoot, in which her underarms appear to be unedited.

Chopra has not publicly addressed the Photoshop allegations.