By Gabrielle Olya
Updated November 08, 2016 04:35 PM
Max Brandel - Bodies
Credit: Courtesy Max Brandel

Sosha Adelstein and Max Brandel were expecting their first child on Election Day, so the Boulder, Colorado-based couple had planned on voting early the Friday before.

Their plans were slightly derailed when Adelstein, 31, began going into labor early Friday morning.

“At 7:30 a.m., her labor had started,” Brandel, 33, tells PEOPLE. “We had planned to vote Friday morning, and obviously with her being in labor there was a question about whether we were going to go or not.”

Brandel kept track of Adelstein’s contractions throughout the morning.

“We took a good labor and delivery class, and her contractions were still seven to 10 minutes apart so I said, ‘Do you want to go get it done?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah,’ ” recalls Brandel. “She wasn’t in major pain, it was all manageable, so we went and dropped off our ballots around 11 a.m., didn’t end up going to the hospital until 2:30 p.m., and then the baby was born 1 a.m. Saturday morning.”

Max Brandel - Bodies
Credit: Courtesy Max Brandel
Max Brandel - Bodies
Credit: Courtesy Max Brandel

The registered psychotherapist says they were determined to make it to the polls despite the less-than-ideal timing.

“Our values dictate that we stop men like Donald Trump,” he says. “I think that what Donald Trump represents is everything that we don’t share as far as values go — lying, manipulation, sexism, bigotry, racism. It was extremely important to us.”

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The couple’s political pitstop did no harm to their newborn daughter Bella Rose.

“Mom and baby are both 100 percent healthy,” says Brandel. “It’s amazing.”