Pregnant fitness trainer Emily Skye struggled with nausea during her first trimester, and ended up eating tons of junk food

By Julie Mazziotta
November 08, 2017 08:59 AM
Fit Pregnancy and Baby

If there’s one thing Emily Skye has learned during her pregnancy, it’s to expect the unexpected.

The fitness trainer intended to eat a fully organic diet without a drop of coffee, but her body had other plans.

“That did not happen,” Skye, 32, tells Fit Pregnancy and Baby for their December cover. “In my first trimester, I couldn’t stomach anything that wasn’t junk food. Burgers, chips, pizza. I ate anything fatty with high carbs. I hated vegetables, hated salads.”

“Pregnancy doesn’t always go according to plan. That’s why I think you shouldn’t have a set plan. If you do, you’ll only be disappointed.”

Emily Skye
Fit Pregnancy and Baby

She also dealt with near-constant nausea for the first 14 weeks, which completely derailed her workout plans.

“My doctor said I could exercise as usual, but I was training like an athlete before, and that felt uncomfortable once I was pregnant,” Skye says. “You’ve got to trust your body. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.”

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“I spent my entire first trimester lying on the couch, watching TV, and I ended up losing around 11 pounds of muscle. So much hard work, gone! But it’s okay. I’m not going to do anything that makes my body hurt.”

Emily Skye
Fit Pregnancy and Baby

She has found a few (hilarious) benefits to pregnancy.

“I’ve always had a tiny butt, and I used to get teased for being such a twig,” Skye says. “I’ve trained for years to build my glutes, but my backside has never grown as fast as it has now. I used to look in the mirror and ask Declan [her boyfriend], ‘Has my butt grown yet?’ Now, I don’t have to ask. I’ve actually knocked things over with my butt!”

Emily Skye
Fit Pregnancy and Baby

And once her baby girl arrives in December, Skye will be in no rush to “get my body back,” she says.

“It takes nine months to grow a baby, so I’ll take my time, and it’ll take however long it takes!” she says. “That said, I have a fitness business, so I do need to be in some sort of shape. But for me, it’s not about how I look. Other trainers get back into shape fast, but I think that’s unrealistic. I’m not worried about having extra fat. I just want to feel strong.”

“My baby is the most important thing to me now, and making sure I’m a good mom.”