All about how the singer got her rockin' bod for her "Truth About Love" tour

By Jessica Herndon and Raha Lewis
Updated December 02, 2020 12:28 AM
Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Ever since Pink wowed at the 2010 Grammys by stripping down to a sheer body suit and performing “Glitter In the Air” from a trapeze, fans have wanted more.

On the pop singer’s “Truth About Love” tour – currently heading to Europe and returning to the U.S. on Oct. 10 – Pink gives her followers just that. Her show is full of impressive high-flying moments that “push boundaries,” says her acrobatic and aerial choreographer, Dreya Weber, adding that Pink, a former gymnast, “Likes the adrenaline rush and is so engaged.”

Adds Pink’s trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, “She was preparing for her tour from the minute she started training after she had Willow.” The first-time mom delivered her daughter in June 2011.

“She ate Freshology, a healthy food delivery service, and trained five times a week and lost 55 lbs. post-pregnancy,” adds Jenkins, who notes Pink eats kale chips, vegetable plates and fish and chicken while touring. “She was committed.”

After checking out the aerials in Cher’s “Farewell” tour, which ran from 2002-2004, Pink (real name Alecia Moore), 33, decided to incorporate similar trapeze moves into her own live show.

But, could she successfully sing while flying high?

“First I had Alecia do sit-ups and I stood on her stomach and kind of bounced up and down and then I hung her from a trapeze bar and poked her in the stomach and said, ‘Sing!’ ” recalls Weber. “And she could!”

Two aerial numbers were added to Pink’s 2006 “I’m Not Dead” tour. “She is a natural athlete so the progression of the difficulty of the moves has been organic,” adds Weber, who says they did acrobatics training for two or three days a week for two months prior to tour kick-off.

To counter the trapeze work, the pop star does power yoga, jogging with sprint intervals, kickboxing and bootcamp. Adds Jenkins, “She is in the best shape of her life.”