Project Heal and Cut Video have new campaigns to support National Eating Disorder Awareness week

By Julie Mazziotta
February 26, 2016 10:25 AM

For people struggling with an eating disorder, seemingly benign words like ‘beautiful’ or ‘binge’ take on a new meaning.

That’s what Project Heal and Cut Video are trying to show with their new campaigns for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

Project Heal, a charity started by two anorexia survivors that raises money to help those who cannot afford treatment, created the #WhatMakesMeBeautiful campaign to ask women about what beauty means to them.

“#WhatMakesMeBeautiful is the confidence that recovery has given me,” says Project HEAL co-founder Kristina Saffran.

She, along with co-founder Liana Rosenman and ten other women posed for the photo series to show that beauty is about what’s on the inside, not just the outside.

Meanwhile, Cut Video followed up their “One Word” video series by asking people who have struggled with binge eating disorders to give candid responses to what the word ‘binge’ means to them.

“When I binge, my brain blanks out,” one person explains. “I have no control over what I’m doing and it’s hard to stop.”

“There’s something underneath that makes you want to binge, it’s not really like, this desire to eat,” adds another.

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“When you’re literally eating more food than your body can actually take in and hold,” says one woman. “It’s incredibly painful physically and after a binge you just think that you’re literally the most disgusting, despicable, piece of trash on this planet.”

“It’s a scary thing, because with drugs and alcohol or any other addiction there’s a very clear line – but with food, it’s so blurry, where do you draw the line?” one man asks. “Is it the second slice of pizza or the fifth?”