March 13, 2015 05:00 PM

The ability to easily put on our socks or zip up a coat are things we often take for granted. For one woman, simple tasks are now a daily struggle.

Manon Slomkowski, 21, who resides in France, lost the use of her left arm and hand after being injured in a serious motorcycle accident in March 2014. To share how she copes with her paralysis – known as brachial plexus palsy – she posted an inspiring video on her Facebook page.

Her new daily routine involves laying down to put on a bra, using her teeth to put on socks, and holding a nail file between her thighs to file her nails. She’s even figured out how to clip the nails on her right hand – using only her right hand.

“That’s a fraction of what I had to relearn to do,” she writes about the nearly 4-minute clip, which also shows her putting on pants and fixing her hair.

“My chances of one day [being able to do] a simple flexion / extension of the arm are small,” she writes. “I have lost forever the use of the rest, including the hand. I [live] daily with neuropathic pain (unbearable), which [amputees] also suffer.”

Although she says her pain is both physical and mental, she tries to remain optimistic about her condition.

“My strength and will are visible,” she says. “I saw good because I accept it.”

She ends her post by warning people to be careful on the roads to avoid getting seriously injured like she did.

“We are not untouchable on the road,” she says. “30 seconds [ ] wounded me forever. You do not want that, drive slowly and carefully.”

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