Pamela Anderson
Alban Wyters/Abaca/INSTAR
February 07, 2017 06:13 PM

Pamela Anderson has never been shy about showing off her body throughout her career, and says she’s actually gotten more comfortable being undressed over time.

“I’m fairly comfortable in my skin,” the actress, 49, told Refinery29. “I love being a woman — soft, feminine, open. I do the best I can. I feel much more in control these days. I rely less on what others tell me. No matter what we look like, sexy comes from within.”

Anderson — who recently stepped out in a natural makeup look during an awards gala in Paris — learned to love and accept her body by realizing that her “imperfections” are what makes her one-of-a-kind.


“Nobody’s perfect — imperfections are sexy,” she says. “Our vulnerabilities are what makes us attractive and unique.”

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And while she still feels the same insecurities she’s always felt, she’s learned to accept those feelings rather than being consumed by them.

“I feel the same fears, pangs, questions, I just may have learned to enjoy those feelings,” she says.

Anderson also says she doesn’t pay as much attention to societal expectations.

“I think some boundaries have been placed on us by society, by other people,” she continues. “As long as we are safe, respectful and loving, we cannot make mistakes.”

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